About us

bed in hokThe Free a Girl Movement is a worldwide initiative of Free a Girl. In India the Free a Girl Movement has an office in Mumbai. The coalition partners are Sanlaap, Freedom Firm, Transforming Lives Foundation, Equal Community Foundation and Odanadi.

Free a Girl is an international organisation dedicated to rescue young girls from forced prostitution. Besides supporting the rescue and rehabilitation of victims of forced prostitution we provide them with access to education, vocational training, medical care, and trauma counselling. We invest in legal teams to provide legal aid to rescued girls and to prosecute the offenders. Through our projects and campaigns we have contributed to the liberation of thousands of girls from brothels as well as supported their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

The Free a Girl Movement focuses on:

  • creating awareness about the problem of child prostitution and the impunity of offenders of child prostitution
  • mobilising the support of local society to fight against this crime for sustainable change

We are looking to unroll the issue concerning child prostitution and impunity in the local community in order to create social outrage locally and on an international level about the existence of child prostitution. 


Program Partners
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